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Giving: A Very Inspiring Story

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inspirational story on giving

Giving A Very Inspiring Story! Watch and be blessed. Be sure to share this video to the people you love and care about. I was moved when I watched this.

The Church That I See

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I will build my Church - Jesus

This is a very impacting message that Christians and would be Christians out there need to hear. “The Church That I see” pictures what Church it should be for everyone, be it small or large …

Just As I Am

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just as i am

Just As I Am. Yes, that’s it! Just ourselves. No qualifications. No degrees. No justifications. That’s what God wants from us. He treats us equally just as we are. He loves every single one of …

What is Christmas? Rare 1965 Billy Graham Sermon

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Young Billy Graham Christmas Message

The once youthful Reverend Billy Graham preached this message called “The True Meaning of Christmas” in 1965. Well, most of us were not born yet back then but this message is simply timeless.

The Birth of Christ

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The Birth of Christ

The Birth of Christ is the central story every time we celebrate Christmas. Christians around the world is expected to focus on the Birth of Christ and not delve into the overly commercialized celebration of Christmas festivities.

Joyce Meyer Seven Secrets of a Confident Women

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Joyce Meyer Seven Secrets of a Confident Women

Joyce Meyer teaches the Seven Secrets of a Confident Women. A well known teacher of the Word of God, Joyce Meyer communicate the Word of God in simple and practical way.  She has a very …

The Message of The Cross Fireproof Movie

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Have you watched Fireproof? Kirk Cameron played the role of Captain Caleb Holt, a firefighter, who lives by the firefighter’s adage: “Never leave your partner.” Yet he has another battle to fight – to rescue …

Reinhard Bonnke: Go and Sin No More

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evangelist reinhard bonnke

I found this latest preaching of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke posted on Youtube by user Salt Light. His ministry took its roots in massive Gospel Crusades throughout Africa. He has been traveling the world and the last time I attended his crusade was at the Sydney Entertainment Center, in one Easter Sunday Night last year.

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