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What’s Wrong with the World? (1958) by Dr.Billy Graham

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What's Wrong with the World 1958 by Dr. Billy Graham

What is the greatest problem of this world? Rev. Billy Graham discuss this very important topic that are rarely preach on at this age especially in a “feel good”, “prosperity”, and “self help” congregations. Where …

Billy Graham on Technology and Faith

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Billy Graham on Technology and Faith

Despite our current age of technological revolution, Dr. Billy Graham pointed out that there were many problems that technology could not solve. There were many problems still left. And they’re still with us, and we haven’t solved them. He mentioned human evil, human suffering, and death. Is there an answer to these three major problems? How do we address them? Find out.

Billy Graham Sermon: Being Born Again

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Billy Graham Is Your Soul Safe

It’s very easy to get up and say: “I am a Christian.” It’s very easy to get up and say: ” I believe in the Bible from cover to cover.” It’s very easy to get up and say, “I am an Evangelical?” Do you have really in your heart? Are really born again? Are you a new creation in Christ Jesus? Are you willing to deny yourself and follow Jesus?

Billy Graham – How to Live the Christian Life (1957)

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Billy Graham - How to Live the Christian Life 1957

Be blessed by this classic sermon of Rev Billy Graham at the Madison Square Graden in 1957. Awesome preaching and is very relevant in today’s age.
Billy Graham – How to Live the Christian Life (1957)

More …

Heaven: A New Message from Billy Graham

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Heaven A New Message from Billy Graham

Happy Birthday Rev. Billy Graham!
Reverend Billy Graham turns 96 today. In the new short film, “Heaven,” he talks about life and eternity. “Heaven” is the latest “My Hope with Billy Graham” film, which features a …

Billy Graham: My Moment of Decision

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Billy Graham Testimony

“Read Billy Graham’s testimony, in his own words, of the moment that he decided to give his life to Jesus Christ.”

My Moment of Decision

I’ll never forget my first year in high school. Babe Ruth, the …

Three Things You Cannot Do Without by Dr Billy Graham

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Dr Billy Graham Three Things You Cannot Do Without

As a committed Christian, what are the three things you cannot do without? Famous Author Immanuel Kant says: “We are not rich by what we possess but by what we can do without.” Can we …

Billy Graham Timeless Quotes

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Billy Graham Quote Grace of God

“Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?” – Billy Graham

“If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every …

The Cross – A Billy Graham Message

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The Cross Billy Graham Message To America

For 60 years, the Reverend Billy Graham has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ at his age of 95, he shares this Message of The Cross from their home in North Carolina. Reverend Billy Graham …

The Offence of the Cross – Dr. Billy Graham 1958 Crusade

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quote Dr. Billy Graham 1958 Crusade

Be blessed by this timeless preaching by Dr. Billy Graham 1958 Crusade in San Francisco, California. Truly, the grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever!

Lessons from My Father: The Wisdom Billy Graham Shared With His Son

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wisdom from Billy Graham

This is a transcript of an interview of Franklin Graham by Amy Levin-Epstein of Best Life Magazine. As a father myself, I can help but to look up to this man. He is worthy of emulation. His God given wisdom touches lives not only his son, Franklin Graham, but to ordinary men like myself. Read and be blessed.

Billy Graham Classic Sermons Is Your Seat Reserved?

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Billy Graham sermons

If you love listening to Billy Graham sermons then this is for you.  This clip started in Titus 2:13 where the Bible says that we  are “looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing …

Billy Graham Preaching The Reason Jesus Came on His Last Crusade in Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland

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Billy Graham Preaching at Camden Yards in Baltimore

What a privilege to watch the last crusade of Billy Graham! He is such an admirable man of God who can deliver the strong message of the Gospel of Christ in a very bold and clear manner. I fully respect Billy Graham and I am really annoyed to read and hear people, who claim to be “christian,” accusing or mislabeling Billy Graham to have been “denying Jesus,” “heretic,” or “false prophet.” If you are a Christian, be careful not to quickly judge other or label other Christians.