Church is Never Boring! Enjoy These Funny Church Signs!

Have you seen these church signs? What an innovative way to convey church message or invitation! They’re hilarious. Makes one giggle but effectively bringing the message across to innocent onlookers. Enjoy!
Never to be outdated!
Great sign for a retail store! No refund policy.
Great campaign ad!
Blood test final exam?
My favorite sign!
Do atheists celebrate Easter?
Maybe April 1. Their Annual Public Holiday!
A Judas kiss?
In reality, Yes!
God resists the proud!
Hell Freezes Over is a lie!
What seem to be the problem?
Ouch! What sauce is appropriate? Worm extract?
A Sinner’s Delight!
Thou shall not forget the 10 Commandments!

A Meteorologist Center! Accurate forecast all the time!
A Sign for bargain hunters! Save 100% off!
I do not own these photos. I got some on my email and some on the web.
If you own any of these photos and don’t want to be featured here, please send me an email and I will remove them.
Have you got one? Email to me and I will feature it here.

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