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Fireproof [Blu-ray]

Have you watched Fireproof? Kirk Cameron played the role of Captain Caleb Holt, a firefighter, who lives by the firefighter’s adage: “Never leave your partner.” Yet he has another battle to fight – to rescue his marriage with Catherine.Like any other men, Caleb needs the guidance of his idol, John Holt, his dad. Full of wisdom, John Holt challenges him to commit to a 40-day experiment: “The Love Dare.”I really love most part of the scenes but what struck me most is that scene where Caleb engages his Dad to a man to man conversation. It’s an amazing picture and probably the best part of the movie! I really appreciate the value of having a father and son private conversations. Honestly, I didn’t have much of it with my father. That’s why I am making most of my time to talk with my 5 year old son. Fathers are heroes to every son and are very influential in shaping their son’s future. It would be my most wonderful experience if I were to play the role of John Holt. But I have no acting ability so I’d rather appreciate and reflect on the conversations between Caleb and his dad. Yep, I researched the transcript for better understanding. You can watch the video at the end.

Caleb Holt: Yeah, well, Catherine’s not buying any of it.

John Holt: And why do you think that is?
Caleb Holt: She doesn’t love me. She doesn’t even like me. Dad, she just about ignored everything I’ve done.
John Holt: Are you reading everything on each page?
Caleb Holt: You mean the Bible verses at the bottom. I’m not, dad. I told you, that is not what I need.
John Holt: Then what do you need?
Caleb Holt: I need Catherine to wake up to the fact that we’re about to get an ugly divorce. And I’m trying to prevent that. But I cannot do it by myself.
John Holt: That may be true. But I think you need more than that.
Caleb Holt: Dad, if you’re gonna tell me I need Jesus, please don’t. I don’t need a crutch to get through life.
John Holt: Son, Jesus is much more than a crutch. He’s become the most significant part of our lives.
Caleb Holt: Dad, why do you keep saying that? The most significant part… How is that?
John Holt: When I realized who I was, and who He was, I realized my need for Him. I needed His forgiveness and salvation.
Caleb Holt: See, I don’t understand. Why do I need His salvation? What? Am I gonna be thrown into hell? For what? ‘Cause I got divorced?
John Holt: No. Because you violated His standards.
Caleb Holt: What? ‘Thou shall not kill’? Dad, I help people. I am a good person.
John Holt: According to you. But God doesn’t judge by your standards. He uses His.
Caleb Holt: And what are His?
John Holt: Well, truth, love…
Caleb Holt: Okay. I’m honest.
John Holt: Faithfulness…
Caleb Holt: I care about people. I am those things.
John Holt: Sometimes. But have you loved God? The one who gave you life? His standards are so high, He considers hatred to be murder, and lust to be adultery.
Caleb Holt: Dad, what about all the good I’ve done?
John Holt: Son, saving someone from a fire doesn’t make you right with God. You’ve broken His commandments. And one day, you’ll answer to Him for that.
John Holt: Caleb, if I had to ask you why you’re so frustrated with Catherine, wha
t would you say?
Caleb Holt: She’s stubborn. She makes everything difficult for me. She’s ungrateful. She’s constantly griping about something.
John Holt: Has she thanked you for anything you’ve done in the last 20 days?
Caleb Holt: No! And you’d think after I washed the car, changed the oil, do the dishes, washed the house, that she would try to show me a little bit of gratitude, but she doesn’t. In fact, when I come home, she makes me feel like I’m an enemy! I’m not even welcome in my own home, dad! That is what really ticks me off! Dad, for the last three weeks I have bent over backwards for her! I have tried to demonstrate that I still care about this relationship. I bought her flowers, which she threw away. I have taken her insults and her sarcasm, but last night was it. I made dinner for her. I did everything I could to demonstrate that I care about her, to show value for her, and she spat in my face! She does not deserve this, dad! I am not doing it anymore! How am I supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over, who constantly rejects me?
John Holt: [John Holt strokes the wooden cross, and turns to Caleb] That’s a good question.
Caleb Holt: Dad, that is not what I’m doing.
John Holt: Is it?
Caleb Holt: No. Dad, that is not what this is about.
John Holt: Son, you just asked me: how can someone show love over and over again when they’re constantly rejected? Caleb, the answer is: you can’t love her, because you can’t give her what you don’t have. I couldn’t truly love your mother until I understood what love truly was. It’s not because I get some reward out of it. I’ve now made a decision to love your mother whether she deserves it or not. Son, God loves you, even though you don’t deserve it. Even though you’ve rejected Him. Spat in His face. God sent Jesus to die on the cross for your sin, because He loves you. The cross was offensive to me, until I came to it. But when I did, Jesus Christ changed my life. That’s when I truly began to love your mom. Son, I can’t settle this for you. This is between you and the Lord. But I love you too much not to tell you the truth. Can’t you see that you need Him? Can’t you see that you need His forgiveness?
Caleb Holt: Yes.
John Holt: Will you trust Him with your life?
[Caleb nods; yes]

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