The Importance of Obedience for Christians

My little children, let us not love in Word or in tongue ,but in deed and in truth. God says don’t love me with just your words. Don’t just love me with your tongue. Show me your love by your deeds and your actions. You turn to the Song of Solomon you’ll find very emotional sentimental words that we understand. Loving words that the human mind understands. The kind of words we express between husband and wife and those who deeply in love. But it goes beyond sentiment. It goes beyond feeling. It goes beyond our emotion. He filters every song. He judges every prayer that comes as incense before his throne. He judges it . He filters it. He examines it. And sad to say the majority of what ascends into the heavens supposedly as incense is rejected.

Obedience for Christians

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Jesus said, in no uncertain terms, to love him is to hear and obey His commandments. In other words, it’s impossible to love Jesus only with your words in your tongue. Impossible. It is something you do. It’s something I do. Here it really nails it down 1 John 5:3. For this is the love of God that we keep his Commandments and His commandments are not grievous. None nothing could be clearer in the Word of God. Love for the Lord goes beyond sentimentality. It goes beyond emotion. Beyond our feelings. Beyond our words. Beyond our singing. Love for the Lord as it’s prescribed here by Jesus himself is obedient. It’s obedience to his every word. obedience to his word. if you keep my Commandments, you shall abide or live in my love. You want to really not just come to me with sessions of love not just expressions of love but you want to live in love with me. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a 24-hour lifestyle. If you keep my Commandments you shall abide or live in my love. Even as I have kept my father’s Commandments and I abide in his love loving me has everything to do with obeying me. In your hunger and in your desire to know my Commandments to hear my word to obey my word fully, that is to love me. If you seek me and by the help of the Holy Ghost to understand my word. And if you will pray for the Holy Ghost to give you ability and power and enablement to keep my word, and your loving me.

If David understood that all of his singing all of birds all of this whether it’s written or verbalized had to come out of an obedient heart. He said if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me. In spite of all my souls, my love solves all my expressions of love if I regard and the word regards that means if I’ve made peace with my sin if I’ve decided to live with it and live in this disobedience God will not hear me. I will not give this up I will live with my sin I’ve made peace with it there’s no more conviction. I want nothing to do with being convicted that most absolutely sets you off from the love of Jesus Christ. you cannot possibly love him or his love for you is undying. His mercy is everlasting. but there’s no possibility that you could receive love from that kind of a heart. Psalms 28 9 he that turn of the way his ear from hearing the law even his prayer shall be an abomination. he didn’t make us a commandment to obey his word without in the New Testament giving us all the power of the Holy Ghost we need to do what he told us to do. David said thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee that word hidden Hebrew is org I have hoarded up the Word of God so that when I face sin when I face temptation I have the word hidden in my heart that’s why we beg you. we beseech you. repeat with you to read and to study and get into this and play Holy Ghost make it real hoard it up build it up and you’re hiding in your heart and I might not sin against you a Lord. listen to his heart Lord make me to go in the path of your Commandments. for then do therein do I delight take not the word of truthwholly out of my mouth because I do love that Commandments. Listen he says: “Oh God when I’m going to straight make me to go in the right path of your Commandments. I love your word I love to be reproved by it. I believe that the test of your holiness is that a man loves to be reproofed by the Word of God. he’s not afraid of it he wants and he desires godly reproof first of all check check your your obedience Lord is there Harry in my life and go back let the Holy Ghost examine and then say “Lord give me power to obey if I have to go make something right.” I want get into this book their condition problem plus obedience the Word of God that has to be dealt with if we bypass the root problem I’m gonna have stand before God and tell you all the lovin you want to love Jesus so I want to serve the Lord love him with all my heart then you’re gonna have to stand right before his presence right now say Lord I know now that I can’t love you must obey obey your word were you right now open up your heart say Jesus in this next week send the Holy Ghost into my life. b\Because if you’re saved you have the Holy Ghost there just comfort strengthened convicted when he comes he said you’ll convict of sin he warned you of the judgment once then he lead you into the path of righteousness. And he will convict of sin .And then when you deal with that then it opens up the door that the favor and the blessing of God.


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