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Zac Poonen: Manifesting the Holiness and Compassion of God

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Jesus said: “I desire compassion and not sacrifice.” One of the dangers the pharisees had was they lacked compassion because they were so righteous. One of the dangers we can face in pursuing righteousness …

David Wilkerson – The Need in You and How to Meet It

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Here is another powerful message of the late Rev. David Wilkerson entitled “The Need in You and How to Meet It.” It’s true we all have needs. Broken marriage, wounded feelings, betrayal, unforgiveness, addiction, …

Knowing a Holy God | Dr. David Jeremiah

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david Jeremiah

As christians, we need to know our God deeply and personally. God is love. God is all knowing. God is powerful. God is sovereign. God is Holy. These are some of the attributes of God.  …

David Wilkerson – Preparing for the Last Days

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How to survive the end times? Are you prepared? What is our attitude as we are nearing the end times? “But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in …

Can I Hang Out with Unbelievers and be a Good Witness of Christ?

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Charles Stanley Can I Hang Out with Unbelievers and be a Good Witness of Christ.

So you’re a Christian. Most likely, you have people around you: in your family, at your workplace, at your neighborhood, who are non-Christian yet. Now here’s a dilemma. You want to hang out with these …

David Wilkerson – How to Speak To Your Mountain?

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How do we speak to the mountains of our lives? How did Jesus handled the biggest mountain of His life? How about you, are you going through some mountains in your life? This is a …

Leonard Ravenhill Sermon: The Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ

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This is one of the most powerful preachings of the late Leonard Ravenhill. It’s a timeless message for those who want to grow their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says in 1 …

Are We Longing for Repentance? – Leonard Ravenhill Preaching

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What is repentance? Why is it very important for a follower of Jesus? This video preaching by a well-know revivalist Leonard Ravenhill will expound this Biblical concept of repentance.

Repentance is a change of heart and …

Ken Blanchard: Lead Like Jesus at Biola University’s Leadership Lecture Series

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Ken Blanchard Lead Like Jesus

I was browsing at Youtube and found this video of Ken Blanchard talking about his famous book Lead Like Jesus. Thanks to Biola University for uploading this video on their youtube channel. Ken Blanchard …

David Wilkerson Preaching Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

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David Wilkerson Holy Spirit

Have you received The Holy Spirit? Is it some sort of feeling? How do we know The Holy Spirit?

Reverend David Wilkerson preached this sermon entitled ” Getting to Know the Holy Spirit.” He mentioned among other things that The Holy Spirit does not manipulate our feelings. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of truth. No matter how I feel, there is a power that at work in us and that’s the power of the Holy Spirit.

END TIME CHURCH: The Great Falling Away | David Wilkerson & Paul Washer

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What is the picture the the current and modern Churches? What’s your Church looks like at the moment? What’s your primary consideration in choosing your Church? Church is not just a building. It’s more than …

To the Preacher: The Idolatry of Intelligence by Leonard Ravenhill

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Leonard Ravenhill delivered this powerful preaching that is very relevant today to all Christian believers especially preachers of the Word of God. Some may find controversial but in reality, it is happening. It’s time to …