Derek Prince – What sin does GOD hate the most?

Derek Prince What Sin Does God hate The Most
This is one of Derek Prince short teaching about a sin that most of us struggle with. Sometimes we are unaware and pretend that we are not guilty but God will ultimately reveal it to us and we have the opportunity to repent. As you watch this short video, may our good Lord talk straight into your heart and you will have a revelation.

Derek Prince – What sin does GOD hate the most?

About Derek Prince

Derek Prince (1915-2003) was born in Bangalore India, to a British military family. At the age of 5, Derek was sent back to England, where he attended the most exclusive boarding schools, including Eton and Cambridge, where he excelled, for the rest of his childhood and adolescent years. Derek’s years at Cambridge brought him into contact with some of the luminaries of the age. He studied under the famed philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

In a search after the true meaning of life, Derek devoted himself to studying philosophy. He read every word that Plato ever wrote-in the original Greek. However before long, when Derek found that Philosophy did not have a very clear or positive answer, he turned to Oriental cults—yoga, theosophy, and voodoo. Yet again, he ended up in disillusionment. He had a spiritual experience, but that did not make him happy. In fact, it was followed by a gray depression that settled around him. Nonetheless, looking back, he achieved success, according to the standard of this world.

He had a solid reputation in his field, he had written an acclaimed dissertation of Plato’s method of definition and its evolution. He wrote poetry in Latin and Greek. Still, he was confused and frustrated with this world, and longed for “something that was real.” READ MORE by going to this link.


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