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David Wilkerson – The Need in You and How to Meet It

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Here is another powerful message of the late Rev. David Wilkerson entitled “The Need in You and How to Meet It.” It’s true we all have needs. Broken marriage, wounded feelings, betrayal, unforgiveness, addiction, …

David Wilkerson Preaching Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

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David Wilkerson Holy Spirit

Have you received The Holy Spirit? Is it some sort of feeling? How do we know The Holy Spirit?

Reverend David Wilkerson preached this sermon entitled ” Getting to Know the Holy Spirit.” He mentioned among other things that The Holy Spirit does not manipulate our feelings. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of truth. No matter how I feel, there is a power that at work in us and that’s the power of the Holy Spirit.

Must Watch: How to Overcome All Sin – Entering the New Covenant by David Wilkerson

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Watch this preaching of the late David Wilkerson about overcoming sin. Is there really a place of freedom from sin? Can we be delivered from sin? Are you still enslaved with sin? This is a …

Why The World Hates Christians by David Wilkerson

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Why The World Hates Christians? There is so much persecution of Christians this days! Today, I stumbled to this preaching of the late David Wilkerson. He was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church …

It’s Time to Get Right With God!

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Thanks for visiting this page. If you happen to stumble here looking for answers and searching for meaning of your life, it’s no accident! I encourage you to pay attention and have full concentration …

Encourage Yourself in The Lord (David Wilkerson)

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How do you encourage yourself in times of trials, problems, and persecution? Would rely on your physical, emotional, or mental strength to get through? Would you ask people around you? What is your first step …

David Wilkerson – The Victory of the Cross of Christ | Full Sermon

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David Wilkerson The Victory of the Cross of Christ Full Sermon

“When we think of the victory of the Cross we have to remind ourselves that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our sins and we are forgiven in Christ. At the Cross Jesus …