Billy Graham Preaching The Reason Jesus Came on His Last Crusade in Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland

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What a privilege to watch the last crusade of Billy Graham! He is such an admirable man of God who can deliver the strong message of the Gospel of Christ in a very bold and clear manner. I fully respect Billy Graham and I am really annoyed to read and hear people, who claim to be “christian,” accusing or mislabeling Billy Graham to have been “denying Jesus,” “heretic,” or “false prophet.”  If you are a Christian, be careful not to quickly judge other or label other Christians.  In the end, the Bible is clear that we will soon give account to everything we say. We are Christ ambassadors and we are the windows through which the world can see. God gave us the spirit of discernment and we know if the messages being preached are biblical or not. Let us not allow those narrow-minded people living in their small world sway us or trouble our hearts.  Billy Graham preachings and messages are full of Godly wisdom and has stirred my faith, commitment, and love for Jesus Christ.

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Billy Graham The Reason Jesus Came

Billy Graham Preaching at Camden Yards in Baltimore
“I realize that my ministry would someday come to an end. I am only one in a glorious chain of men and women God has raised through the centuries to build Christ’s church and to take the gospel everywhere.” Billy Graham quotes

“My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God, which, I believe, comes through knowing Christ.”
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One thought on “Billy Graham Preaching The Reason Jesus Came on His Last Crusade in Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Billy Graham is a famous evangilist. Who has been universally recognized as a great evangelist. He consulted many presidents on religious, spiritual, and moral matters. He did not judge others, but simply taught the truth of God’s Word. I do not know what you are seeking with your question. volumes of books could written about this great man.

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