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WATCH Thousands of Korean Armies Praising the LORD

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Have you seen God’s Christian Army praising together in one place? Well, this is it! An incredible footage of thousands of Korean armies praising the the LORD. What an atmosphere of faith! They are called …

Ravi Zacharias Sermon: Where is God in the Midst of Suffering and Injustice

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Watch this sermon by well-known Christian Speaker on Christian Apologetics, Ravi Zacharias talking about God in the midst of suffering and injustice. Ravi joined and promoted to heaven few days ago but his sermons are …

Must Watch: The Power of Persecuted Church – A Full Documentary

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Today, I am pondering and thinking about the lives of persecuted Christians around the world. I live in Australia and here, we are free to worship and even go out of the streets to openly …

Do You Live for Eternity?

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Is the life that you are living now have eternal significance? Is it worth the life of Jesus Christ when He died for you? Are you prepared to stand confidently before the judgment seat of …

Behold The Lamb of God – The Ministry of John The Baptist

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john the Baptist and Jesus Christ

Behold, The Lamb of God

“This was the first gospel sermon, and it is a model for all preachers and teachers. The preacher pointed his own followers away from himself to Christ. This same beautiful unselfishness …

Powerful Testimony of COVID19 Survivor: God Sent Me a Cleaner

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“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” – Romans 10:13
Our Almighty God is the God of miracles, supernatural healing, signs and wonders! This powerful testimony of a dying COVID-19 survivor …

Inspiring A Cappella Rendition of In Christ Alone by a Virtual Choir!

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Creativity at it’s best! Moms and Dads, students, professionals, grandpa and grandmas from different cultural backgrounds came together to create this is a very inspiring rendition of the timeless hymn “In Christ Alone.”
In Christ alone …

Nashville Studio Singers Perform an Epic Cellphone Choir

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Are you stuck at home in isolation because of the Corona Virus pandemic? Well, most of us are. But this worldwide health problem, that has caused a lot of death, closed a lot of schools, …

Ravi Zacharias: True Love in a Time of Crisis

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“What is it about the Word of God that you and I need to know? Why is it that the Word of God gives us truths that will last forever? I stand before you at …

When The End Comes, Where Will You Be by Pastor Carter Conlon

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WATCH this powerful preaching “When The End Comes, Where Will You Be by Pastor Carter Conlon of Time Square Church, New York.

Pastor Carter Conlon is senior pastor of Times Square Church, an inter-denominational church …

Tell Someone About Jesus

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Tell Someone about Jesus

John records, ‘A woman of Samaria came to draw water.’ After five failed marriages her trust levels are demolished and her self-worth is zero, so she approaches Jesus cautiously. Brick by brick He takes down the wall she’s hiding behind. When He gets through, she leaves transformed.

WATCH: Testimony of Ravi Zacharias of How He came to Christ

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When former skeptic and seventeen-year-old Ravi Zacharias heard the words of Jesus in John 14:19, “Because I live, you also will live,” the trajectory of his life changed forever. In a time of helplessness …