Eric Ludy Powerful Preaching: The Man Under The Stage

This is a powerful preaching by Eric Ludy. He highlighted strong men and women who are unpopular, unknown, and without names who play a vital role in the God’s kingdom.

Eric Ludy Powerful Preaching- The Man Under The Stage

“I feel like God is preparing what we could call the underground Church. The underground Church is the church that isn’t technically supposed to be noticed. Because if they stick their head up too high, the governments, the hostile government, see them and then follow them down in through that the channels that are underneath the earth and get to the queen ant. We don’t want that.

So the underground Church is a hidden Church. But if you are willing to be a part of the underground Church that will really change this earth, you need to start getting prepared to do the work of Jesus in such a way that others don’t applaud it, and others don’t see it, and you don’t have to be approved for your work. That God can call you into a hiding place. He can call you into a closet. For three years of your life and no one knows that you’ve been there. They look at you and go what is wrong with that person. You know what they had such high potential. We had such high hopes for them. And they just disappeared. You don’t need to explain your calling. When God moves his men and women under the stage, it is never a popular move. I want you to realize. The men women under the stage are not just misunderstood but they are oftentimes hated. Because you know what comes out of men and being under the stage? power and transformation.”

Eric Ludy The Man Under The Stage

Eric Winston Ludy is an author, speaker, and president of Ellerslie Mission Society. He is also the senior pastor at the Church at Ellerslie in Windsor, Colorado.

Eric Ludi is also a lead instructor at Ellerslie Training, an internationally known discipleship training center that equips men and women of all ages to become world-changers for Christ. Eric’s sermons are heard by thousands of listeners around the world each week. His short films such as “The Gospel” and “Depraved Indifference” have impacted millions. His preaching influences are Leonard Ravenhill, C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor, Rees Howells, and Charles Spurgeon into a blender, and that’s pretty close to what I believe.”


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