Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction – Wesley’s Testimony

There is power in testimony. It’s the real miracle that Jesus is continuously doing in the lives of many people today. Being changed to a new self and walk in the ways of God is the greatest success that people should experience. The Bible says: “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature. The old is gone. Behold, all things become new!” Watch this wonderful testimony of a young man.

“I had I had a lot of identity issues as a kid and you know get expelled from school by grade 8. In drugs and alcohol really heavily by like 14 or 15. I kept a lot of that life hidden from my parents my brothers. I lived that life at all my teenage years right up until the age of 17. And I got caught for doing a few things and and it was there that I had an encounter with God in jail. Just in a cell on my own. I remember being freezing cold. You know young indigenous kids are the highest suicide rates in jail and deaths in custody. I was scared. I was gonna hang myself or something so they took the drawstring out of my boxer shorts. I couldn’t even couldn’t even hold my own pants up and so I’m laying in there just rock bottom for me but I just found myself crying. And just calling out saying: “God if you’re real help me. Change me. I need need help.” God turned up that night. when I got let out, it was a miracle.”

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