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So, are you curious what Kanye West had to say at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church? Here is a video uploaded at Youtube. I hope it won’t be taken down as I noticed that some videos …

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British School Suspends LGBT lessons after 80 Percent of Pupils Kept Home by Parents

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Photo Credit: Screenshot from Youtube Video of RT Channel
A news report of Russia Today reported that: “A primary school in Birmingham, England, has halted LGBT lessons after 600 pupils were reportedly taken out of …

Bible Verses for Healing Declarations

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The Bible is our great source of hope, encouragement, motivation, and strength in times of spiritual, emotional, or physical pain. We can rely on these healing scriptures to comfort us and by faith, we …

Famous Rapper Kanye West Shares His Born Again Testimony

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Kanye West is a well-known artist in the entertainment industry around the world. He is a Grammy Award-winning rapper and record producer and fashion designer. He has a lot of controversy going on but recently, …

Billy Graham Crusade Sermon – Who is My Neighbor?

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Be blessed by this wonderful preaching by the late Evangelist Billy Graham entitled: “Who is My Neighbour?” that he delivered in front of thousands of people in Tacoma, WA, United States.


I Can Always Repent When I’m Older!

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This is a very interesting interview of a young man about his faith. Josh says he had “tried” Christianity right after 9/11, but then he “fell away” from the faith. What is true or false …

NBA Superstar Stephen Curry Shares When He First Accepted Jesus Christ

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My faith is tested on the court as much as it is in life – Stephen Curry …

Must Watch: How to Overcome All Sin – Entering the New Covenant by David Wilkerson

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Watch this preaching of the late David Wilkerson about overcoming sin. Is there really a place of freedom from sin? Can we be delivered from sin? Are you still enslaved with sin? This is a …

Watch This Passionate Young Street Preacher in front of Mega-Church Elevation Church

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A zealous young boy is making a great point here. He did not hold back of what grown men and women needed to hear while they are about to enter their church, Elevation Church, in …

Iconic Holywood Actor Tom Selleck Talks About His Faith in Christ

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“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps!” This is the verse quoted by Tom Selleck as he openly declared that everything he achieved, he owes to Jesus!
Actor Tom Selleck …

Why The World Hates Christians by David Wilkerson

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Why The World Hates Christians? There is so much persecution of Christians this days! Today, I stumbled to this preaching of the late David Wilkerson. He was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church …

The Nigerian Persecution No One Is Talking About

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Let us continue to pray for persecuted Christians.
This is a documentary film by Open Doors USA. It records how Fulani militants are squeezing and attacking Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region. Nigeria is #14 …

Escape From Hell – An Ex-Radical Muslim Testimony

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“Sentence came from the judge that three of us should be executed according to the Islamic law. Mohammed stepped in the platform. We were down there and they put the rope around him. …