Spiritual Authorities in High Places ( The Three Heavens )

This is a very interesting teaching about heavens as mentioned in the Bible. You must watch it to the end. It has to do when we pray and what happens in the heavenlies.

Three heavens derek prince

The Three Heavens

“Then the first heaven I would suggest could be the visible heaven that we see the Sun the moon and the stars. So in some way that there remains a second heaven which has never called the second heaven which is somewhere between the visible heaven and the heaven don’t speak personally. I believe that’s where Satan’s Kingdom is located. I have and let me just offer you this theory. Maybe you think I’m very naive but Ruth and I travel a lot by jet airplanes and recently on the way from New Zealand to Singapore, we were flying at an altitude of 39,000 feet which is a long long way up when I get that high. I sometimes have the feeling I am above Satan’s Kingdom it’s like it’s easy to pray you don’t have to fight your way through. Proposition now this this may be completely my subjective impression but somewhere or other between God and us is a hostile Kingdom which opposes us and seeks to hinder our prayers and that’s why sometimes we have to pray through understand. It’s not that we’re praying out of the will of God. it’s not that God is unwilling to hear but we have to penetrate a hostile Kingdom in the heavenlies to reach God. Now rather than speculate, I want to give you a passage from the book of Daniel which very clearly reveals that this is so. I’m not going to read the whole chapter but if you’re interested you would do well to read the chapter for yourself later. Daniel chapter 10 this chapter relates how Daniel set-aside appeared of three weeks for special prayer and he did what we’ve come to call it Daniel fast. He didn’t give up all food but he only ate the plainest and simplest food. And he drank no wine and he ain’t no meat. And he was mourning before God on behalf of his people Israel who were captives of a Gentile Empire. And at the end of three weeks, a very glorious angel came to him with the answer to his friend which was a revelation from God of what would be the future of his people which but the angel said to him. “The first day you began to pray your prayer was heard and I was sent with the answer to your prayer but he said it took me three weeks to get through because somewhere between the throne of God and Daniel on earth I was opposed by satanic angels and I had to force my way through those angels.” So it’s very clear that at the time of Daniel, somewhere between God’s throne and earth there was this satanic Kingdom I believe it’s still there it was still there.” – Derek Prince

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