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Jesus and The Adulterous Woman by Reinhard Bonnke

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Jesus and adulterous woman

Everyone must watch this short clip! Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is preaching the classic gospel message about Jesus and the Adulterous Woman. Great acts and demonstration captured the scene and made it alive before out very eyes!

Actor Kirk Cameron on Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, and Abortion

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Actor Kirk Cameron on Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, and Abortion

Kirk Cameron sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan last Friday and they discussed about Marriage, Homosexuality, and abortion. It drew so much attention on the media, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, internet blogs, Youtube, and other discussion sites. I support Kirk Cameron’s stand and I admire him for putting a brave face in making his stand known in prime time television.

How Can I Overcome Depression and Anxiety? (Ask Dr. Charles Stanley)

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Ask Dr Charles Stanley

The Christmas season is usually a time of festivity, a time of joy, and a time of relaxation. But we cannot hide the fact that some people, even Christians, struggle and suffer depression and anxiety because of challenging situations they are facing. It’s a battle that they have to fight. Dr. Charles Stanley answers, discusses, and share his insights on a viewer’s email asking “How can a Christian, overwhelmed by life’s difficulties, overcome depression and anxiety?” in his regular TV Program In Touch.

All About Faith Series: Part 1 (The Faith of Abraham Confirmed)

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When we listen to God, nothing can go wrong. Abraham clearly heard from God and got God’s clear message. Because Abraham feared God, he had to obey to the point of sacrificing his Son, Isaac, whom he loved so much. Abraham just trusted God and he would do all what it takes just to please Him! He didn’t even argue with God or beg God to spare his son.

Alan Jackson Sings The Old Rugged Cross Live

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The Old Rugged Cross Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson performed the classic hymn The Old Rugged Cross written by an American hymn composer and preacher named George Bennard. It such a beautiful performance by one of the legends of Country Music!

Jesus Is The Way

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Jesus is the way

I’m featuring today a well written devotional by Bob Gass. Please read below after my personal reflections. It’s a very timely message and conveys a short but clear message. Jesus is The Way. When I was …

Cute Little Girl Breaking Every Chain!

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Cute Little Girl Breaking Every Chain

This cute little girl is amazing! Wow, at such a young age, she knows how powerful the Name of Jesus in breaking every chain in our lives. While the other kids don’t care what was …

Are We Missing the Church’s Purpose?

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a tozer quote

A.W. Tozer, popularly known as  “20th-century prophet” in his lifetime and was for 31 years pastor of Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, penned this provocative article relevant to our churches today.


It would be too easy to dismiss …

A Letter From Hell

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A Letter from Hell

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.(Romans 6:23)
You’ve got to watch this video “Letter From Hell“:


The …

Dolly Parton Tells About Her Faith, Family, and Career

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Dolly Parton Talks about Her Faith, Family, and Career

Dolly Parton is undoubtedly and icon of Country music. A legend around the world. She is an actress, entrepreneur, singer and songwriter has written more than 3,000 songs. She is the fourth of 12 children. …

Homosexuality: A Christian View – CBN News Showcase

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Homosexuality A Christian View - CBN News Showcase

Watch this special presentation of CBN News about this controversial social issue on Homosexuality. Just a little caution here. This video is for educational purposes and it’s up to judgment if you agree or do …