Overcoming Pornography: Tim’s Testimony

Christians men are not immune to pornography. With the advancement of technology especially the internet, men have easy access to pornography. It’s a tough battle once it becomes an addiction. Watch this testimony of Tim Broersma who allowed porn addiction to escalate to adultery. When his wife Stephanie found out about the infidelity, the couple had to decide how they would move forward in their marriage.

Carrie Underwood sings How Great Thou Art

I truly believe God gave my voice. God bestowed upon everybody certain talents and I think at some point in our lives we got the chance to use that. – Carrie Underwood What is truly amazing about Carrie Underwood is the fact that despite gaining high accolades after winning the American Idol Season 4 and […]

Muslim Jihadist Met Jesus and Became Christian – Kamal Saleem

Kamal Saleem was born in Lebanon and trained as a Jihadist. He came to USA for the cultural Jihad at age of 20. He went to Bible belt to convert people to Islam. One day, he got involved in car wreck and he started to meet Christians. Muslim Jihadist Met Jesus – Kamal Saleem Testimony […]

Why Me Lord Story – Testimony and Sung By Kris kristofferson

Country singer Kris Kristofferson tells his profound experience how he came to Christ. It’s a very powerful and moving testimony. I am so blessed listening to his story and when he started singing “Why Me Lord” my tears just flowing in my eyes realizing how Christ can change anyone regardless of his fame, riches, and […]

A Jewish Believer Discovered Jesus by Reading the New Testament

A Jewish Believer, Mordechai Mottel Baleston, dscovered Jesus by reading the New Testament. Watch his testimony video: “Blessed be the LORD your God who delighted in you to set you on the throne of Israel; because the LORD loved Israel forever, therefore He made you king, to do justice and righteousness.” – 1 Kings 10:9 […]

Freed through Praise: Willie Myrick Story

What happen when you praise God in the midst of your difficult situation? Will it help? Certainly! When 10-year-old Willie Myrick was kidnapped from his front yard in Atlanta in April, a praise song is what set him free! Watch this incredible story! Freed through Praise Willie Myrick Story “Even though I walk through the […]

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