Asking The Tough Questions

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:2

Eric Ludy raised a huge challenge on this video “Asking The Tough Questions.” These questions are very relevant to every believer of Jesus Christ as we continue to serve Him in the ministry. Watch full video below. The transcript is also available below.

What are you attracted to?
What is it that moves you in this life?
There’s something that gets you up off the couch.
What is it? Gold or God? You choose. “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”
Which what is the greater appeal to your soul which one’s driving you?

Which one gets you up in the morning? Which one lifts you off the couch? Which one will cause you to risk life and limb? Gold? or God?

Do you really trust him? Do you believe that His word is in fact the
Word of God and holy backed by the integrity almighty?
He promises to those who believe and he cannot lie so.

Are you willing to lay it on the line in this generation to prove your God faithful? Or are you one of the humbugs?
I pray thee, have me excused. You’re busy.!
And so though we have a dying world out there and some of them right down the street, I pray thee, have me excused.
I’m not one that can really accomplish that. CT stud was 52 years old on death’s doorstep! “God, don’t pass me over.”
He said there’s a discrepancy between us and CG stud.
We need what he had!
Do we have a CT stud in our midst? that’s willing to say, “I don’t care what it comes with they’re lost. There are those needful of Jesus Christ. God send me.”
would you rather that someone else go instead. Oh God thanks for bringing that up yeah I think in this situation it probably would be good that someone else went instead of me. I mean I think could you give me a few other options?
because that option really just doesn’t resonate with me. You definitely like a longer list and I can just sort of pick which job description I would like. You can let someone else get the job description the god designs specifically for you?

Do you have limit to your obedience?
It’s like, I will follow God to this point. But anything beyond this point is extreme. Who came up with that?
Doesn’t God own you? Don’t you realize that he purchased your body? You belong to Jesus Christ. You submitted your life to him he can do with you what he wishes. So who are you to give your life to Jesus Christ and then define the terms of how he will use your life?

Do you have a limit to your obedience?
Because if you have a limit to your obedience, something’s wrong with your Christianity. Am I willing to serve forgotten and without applause? We really like to be known, and we really like the applause. Let’s just admit it, and then let’s answer the question.

Are we willing to forego that? Am I willing to forego the comforts of life? If any of you are Americans in here you know the value we put on the comforts of life. God wouldn’t actually asked me to forego those, would he? That’s not right!
Are you willing is the question?
doesn’t mean he will ask you to just be miserable questions are you willing to go where there aren’t comforts you know there’s other places in this world you haven’t traveled much you’ll find it out
that aren’t like America.

You know East Timore, Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia, you know some rough places out. there the period is amid have electricity paved roads maybe of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to give up the comforts of life for your king? By the way life on Earth is very short.

Are you willing to give up a short season of your existence to serve your king well no matter what the cost?
Am I willing to go anywhere no matter the danger or darkness? anywhere! anywhere is the question. Not just to the easy spots. Anywhere! For King and Kingdom because if you say no who do you expect in this generation to say yes?

Am I willing to let go my reputation?
You know when you serve Jesus Christ, you become the misunderstood.
It doesn’t happen always immediately but on and sometimes it does. where people start looking at you like what in the world’s wrong with you? Tt’s our passing little rumors about you too I’ll start the little tales can begin to float through the air or over the Internet. You stand for something and you’re immediately misunderstood despised. Sometimes hated would be a good word to describe it Jesus was described as a worm and no man in Psalm 22

Are you willing to be a worm and no man in this generation?
Am I willing to die young for the sake of Christ
Am I willing to live lonely among the heathen?
Am I willing to suffer in my body?
Am I willing to be a etcetera and insignificant and nobody for the glory of Jesus Christ?
Do you require notoriety?
Are you willing to serve unnoticed?
Well I go to interior Africans. they don’t really have News cameras that can capture all my good deeds down there!
I need to be noticed
Doesn’t God want us to be famous?
So that he can make a name for himself? If I increase, maybe he can increase that way. Well actually the pattern for him increases as you decrease see that’s the great secret for increase the Kingdom of Heaven. We get out of the way.

Are you willing to be one of Christ’s etceteras? Or must you be one of Christ’s somebodies?
Is this for your reputation or for His? I want you to realize what we’re defining here isn’t extreme Christianity. It’s Christianity It’s the way it’s always been. Gold or God? are gone which one lifts you off the couch? Which one will cause you to risk life and limb? gold or God? Which one would you gamble to get more off?
Because men and women all throughout history of Gamble’s get gold but which of us is willing to gamble our lives and put it all on the line to get more God? More God.. God or God? You choose…


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