How a French Atheist Becomes Christian Theologian

Guillaume Bignon French Atheist Becomes a Christian Theologian
I started thinking: What good reason was there to think God exists, and what good reason was there to think atheism was true? This step was important, because my own unbelief rested comfortably on the fact that the smart people around me didn’t believe in God either. It was more a reasonable life assumption than the conclusion of a solid argument. But of course, if I was going to refute Christianity, I first needed to know what it claimed. So I picked up a Bible.- Guillaume Bignon

Have you heard the testimony of a French Atheist Becomes Christian theologian? His name is Guillaume Bignon. Born and raised in France, Guillaume was happy and successful as an atheist. He studied math, physics, and engineering in college, graduated from a respected engineering school, and landed a job as a computer scientist in finance. On the sports front, at a height of 6 feet 4 inches, he was playing volleyball in a national league, traveling the country every weekend for the games. Yeah, he was a successful atheist. So why is he now a Christian theologian? Find out how God changed him in this interview.

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